As you were recently notified by Renova Worldwide, The Synergy Group of Canada Inc. has acquired Renova’s supplement business and product lines. The Synergy Group of Canada produces and markets the Truehope brand of nutritional supplements that are the base of the exceptional products you have been receiving from Renova. We are very excited to welcome you to our Truehope program and to introduce you to the rest of the Truehope line of nutritional supplements.

For over 25 years Truehope has been assisting individuals to achieve mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. When this transition is complete on July 1, 2024 you can expect the same great products plus our additional products, along with free support from our support team at Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd. who are micronutrient protocol experts.

Truehope Support

The Truehope support team is available to offer any assistance you may need with the following:

  1. Product information
  2. Placing orders or managing your autoship, whether it is on the telephone or online
  3. An individualized protocol tailored to meet your needs
  4. Assistance with successfully using supplements along with psychiatric medications
  5. Access to online symptom Evaluation Forms if you would like to track your progress on the Truehope program

We encourage you to take advantage of our free support, and welcome your call.

The toll-free number for the support team is: 1-888-878-3467 Email: support@truehope.com

If you are a physician or healthcare professional and require educational information, other assistance or answers to your questions you can reach out to our health professional department here: Email: teresa@truehope.com

Welcome to the Truehope family and we look forward to working with you.


Noelle Jellison,
Senior Administrator and COO

On behalf of Anthony Stephan,
Founder and CEO

Product Details

Renova-branded products can be found on this page while supplies last. You are invited to explore Truehope's robust product line at any time! They have many of the exact same products (in different packaging) as well as several additional products that Renova never carried. Below is a table that outlines the Renova products and their Truehope equivalents. Note that while the packaging is different for these products, the formulas and ingredients are the exact same.

NeuroC3 is EMPowerplus Advanced

Methylated NeuroC3 is EMPowerplus Methylated Advanced

Lightning One is EMPowerplus Ultimate

Lightning Sticks is EMPowerplus Ultimate Sticks

The following products will be available to you on the Truehope store after you log in with same email address as your Renova account. You may need to reset the password via the "Forgot your password?" link on the log in page.

View Truehope's Products