How Truehope Can Help You With Your Mental & Overall Wellbeing

Through 35 independent research publications, the Truehope family of products has been proved to help not only with mental health but also overall wellbeing.

Over 20 years have been dedicated to working with over 200,000 individuals to help them past their diagnosis and get their life back. The Truehope program consists of 3 steps

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3 Step Process

Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Step 1 Transition

Truehope's flagship formulation EMPowerplus will be the cornerstone of your plan.

This unique, high-quality blend includes 36 different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and antioxidants and has been shown to reduce even the most intrusive symptoms.

Independent research has shown EMPowerplus can help:

Stabilize moods
Reduce racing thoughts
Improve concentration and focus
Eliminate bouts of depression
Eradicate explosive rage

On Medications?

Coming off medications can produce uncomfortable withdrawal effects, but Truehope AminoPower Advanced is here to help. This product is strongly recommended along with EMPowerplus to calm and ease your symptoms during the transition.

Amino acids are essential for making enzymes, neurotransmitters, and hormones in the body and will help you gently eliminate drugs from your body, thus increasing your success with EMPowerplus Advanced.

Step 2 Support

The Truehope Difference: Support

Included with your purchase of EMPowerplus is access to our support program, which features a highly-trained staff at Truehope that is available at no extra charge to support you and your doctor in your transition to EMPowerplus.

Every Truehope team member has extensive experience in supporting people with their symptoms and work with you to fine-tune your healing experience.

You and your doctor can call the support team at 1-888-878-3467 to set up your personalized wellness plan and discuss any adjustments that may be needed as well.

Additionally, when you order EMPowerplus, you will receive your access information to where you can connect with an exclusive network of individuals sharing their journey to mental wellbeing.

Once signed up, you can access the 'symptom-tracking' tools anytime at to monitor your progress and chart your recovery.

Step 3 Refine

A person may find that their situation is very specific and different from other people, which is why we offer a range of other products with specific benefits. Based on your individual needs, these additional products may be suggested to you. Here are a few examples of our products and how they can help.

Calming Benefits

Truehope Inositol is often used to provide quick relief to physical symptoms, such as panic attacks, anxiety, stress, or other physical responses. Because of its calming effect, it can be very beneficial for relaxing a person to get a better night's sleep.
Choline L-Bitartrate is recommended to help reduce mental symptoms such as racing thoughts, agitation, and irritability, and may be beneficial for reducing symptoms of rage. Many people also use it to calm an overactive mind so they can fall asleep and maintain sleep throughout the night.

Digestive & Absorption Issues

Truehope OLE (Olive Leaf Extract) kills off yeast and other pathogens in the body and can help you to restore a healthy gut, bowel, and immune system.
Truehope GreenBAC is a rich blend of bacteria, prebiotics, botanicals, algae, enzymes, and ingredients designed to maintain and promote a healthy digestive system.

Get started on your path to better mental health and overall wellbeing