You Are Not Alone

One in five Americans struggle with their mental health. That's over 50 million people and the number continues to grow.

But there is hope.

Research is showing that mental health issues are due to nutritional deficiencies. Once you start providing your body and brain with the nutrients it needs to support itself on a daily basis, you will start feeling balanced, stable, and experience true wellbeing.


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EMPowerplus and the Truehope Program:

Helps reduce symptoms of excessive worry and tension
Calms restlessness or a feeling of being "on edge"
Decreases irritability and racing thoughts
Eases muscle tension
Improves concentration and focus
Reduces symptoms of nervous stomach and butterflies

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Micronutrients reduce stress and anxiety following a 7.1 earthquake in adults with Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder
Anxiety and Stress in Children Following an Earthquake: Clinically Beneficial Effects of Treatment with Micronutrients
Shaken but unstirred? Effects of micronutrients on stress and trauma after an earthquake: RCT evidence comparing formulas and doses


EMPowerplus and the Truehope Program:

Reduces symptoms of fatigue and boosts energy levels
Decreases feelings of hopelessness
Improves concentration and focus
Brings back appetite

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Could Yeast Infections Impair Recovery From Mental Illness? A case study Using Micronutrients and Olive Leaf Extract for the Treatment of ADHD and Depression
Improved mood and behavior during treatment with a mineral-vitamin supplement: An Open-Label Case Series of Children


EMPowerplus and the Truehope Program:

Increases attention and focus
Eliminates explosive temper and mood swings
Reduces symptoms of impulsivity

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Vitamin-mineral treatment of attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder in adults: double-blind randomized placebo-controlled trial
Clinically Significant Symptom Reduction in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Treated with Micronutrients: An Open-Label Reversal Design Study
Vitamin-mineral treatment of ADHD in adults: A one-year follow-up of a randomized controlled trial
Moderators of treatment response in adults with ADHD treated with a vitamin-mineral supplement
Successful treatment of Bipolar Disorder II and ADHD with a micronutrient formula: A Case Study
Impact of a micronutrient formula on ADHD and mood dysregulation in adults with ADHD: Evidence from an 8-week open-label trial with natural follow-up


EMPowerplus and the Truehope Program:

Reduces repetitive actions such as hand flapping, head rolling, and body rocking
Improves social action and communications skills
Reduces symptoms of anxiety and self-harm

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Micronutrients versus standard medication management in autism: A Naturalistic Case-Control Study


EMPowerplus and the Truehope Program:

Reduces symptoms such as intrusive thoughts, uneasiness, apprehension or worry
Calms down the repetitive behavior - excessive washing/cleaning, repeated clicking.
Decreases obsessive thoughts/compulsions that become rituals
Reduces nervous fear & worry

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Efficacy and cost of micronutrient treatment of childhood psychosis


EMPowerplus and the Truehope Program:

Eliminates symptoms of mania, manic behaviors, racing thoughts and speech, and explosive rage
Stabilizes moods

Read the Research

An Individualized Approach to Treatment-resistant Bipolar Disorder: A Case Series
Nutritional and Safety Outcomes from an Open-Label Micronutrient Intervention for Pediatric Bipolar Spectrum Disorders
Successful treatment of Bipolar Disorder II and ADHD with a micronutrient formula: A Case Study
Feasibility of a nutritional supplement as a treatment for pediatric bipolar spectrum disorders
Database anaylsis of children and adolescents with Bipolar Disorder consuming a micronutrient formula
Database analysis of adults with bipolar disorder consuming a micronutrient formula
Multinutrient Supplement as Treatment: Literature Review and Case Report of a 12-year-old Boy with Bipolar Disorder
Effective mood stabilization in bipolar disorder with a chelated mineral supplement

How can EMPowerplus and the Truehope Program help me?

Bipolar, Depressed, Anxious... No matter what you are going through, Truehope is here to help.

Our flagship product, EMPowerplus, has been proven through 35 independent research publications that it can help, no matter the mood-related diagnosis.

We have spent over 20+ years working with 200K+ individuals to help them move past their diagnosis and get their life back. Our program consists of 3 steps.