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CCHR awarded Kevin Miller a Human Rights Award for his documentary Letters from Generation RX

In April 2019, Kevin Miller was given a Human Rights Award for his documentary "Letters from Generator RX" which tells the real stories of those whose lives have changed through medication.. for the worse.

It also prominently features the Stephan family's story, including the dramatic events which led not only to healing the family’s mental health conditions (with the earliest versions of EMPowerplus), but also began Truehope’s mission to change the status quo and empower people with holistic knowledge and solutions.

Bell Media and CTV honour Truehope participant, Laurie Pinard

Bell Media and CTV honour Truehope participant, Laurie Pinard

All of us here at Truehope would like to thank Bell Media and CTV for honouring a long time Truehope Participant, Laurie Pinard, as one of five spokespeople chosen from across Canada for Mental Illness Awareness.

"I'm a 44-year-old woman who has fought my way back to health from the edge of darkness and despair. I lost everything I had, and I nearly lost my life. I'm here to give hope to anyone who suffers from mental illness that it is possible to get well and lead a fulfilling, productive life. Taking EMPowerplus was the way back for me." Laurie Pinard

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NEW: EMPowerplus Methylated Advanced

New EMPowerplus Methylated Advanced

EMPowerplus Methylated Advanced™ is our original and unique formulation of 36 nutrients, only differing in using the methylated forms of two vitamins, B12 and folate.

​We created this formula for those whose bodies cannot methylate B vitamins as most can. Individuals that suffer with the rare MTHFR gene expression will benefit most from this product.

If you are uncertain if EMPowerplus Methylated Advanced is right for you, please call and speak with a support representative that will help you with your choice of products.

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Hear the Truehope EMPowerplus Story told by Anthony Stephan

Anthony Stephan tells the story of how the EMPowerplus Formula came to be. He explains the heart-wrenching situation his family was in. Anthony's father-in-law had committed suicide, then 16 years later his wife also committed suicide. If that wasn't enough, now his children were showing the symptoms of mental illness and there was nothing the doctors could do to prevent it.

When it looked like all hope was lost, Anthony started to put the pieces together showing that nutrition could be the answer. Anthony started his son Joseph on the first version of the EMPowerplus formula and within 30 day things were looking positive. For the first time in years, the future was finally looking bright.

Today, almost 20 years later, the EMPowerplus Formula is the most researched and efficacious vitamin/mineral formula world-wide, with more than 30 independent research publications from 15 different universities and 49 independent researchers, showing its effectiveness for 16 different conditions including Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, ADHD, and more.

What if Nutrition Could Treat Mental Illness?

Professor Julia Rucklidge on Nutrition and Mental Illness

Even though society is inundated with drugs which claim to be effective treatments, mental illness rates are rising, not declining.

Now, scientists are finding a key component overlooked by most psychiatrists: What you eat affects your mental health.

In this talk, Professor Julia Rucklidge presents compelling facts about how our food choices help or hurt psychiatric problems. She also reviews the evidence behind the recent paradigm shift of using nutrients to treat these challenges. The talk will challenge our current treatment regime for mental disorders and suggests an alternative course of action.

Effectiveness of micronutrients has been demonstrated for many types of psychiatric symptoms, in about 45 studies of formulas that are either multinutrient (e.g., several B vitamins) or broad-spectrum (usually ofer 20 minerals and vitamins).

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