Anyone can take EMPowerplus Advanced

EMPowerplus Advanced is great for people with mood related symptoms, but it can be just as beneficial when taken for General Health. The mind and body are very complicated systems and to perform at their best we need to give them the combination of high quality nutrients they need.


Give your mind what it needs

The brain is the most complicated and power hungry organ in the human body. EMPowerplus Advanced can...

Promote Calm, Clarity, and Focus

By nourishing the brain, EMPowerplus helps calm the mind which leads to clear, focused thoughts and attention.

Improve Overall Cognitive Function

The special balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in EMPowerplus boosts the function of the central nervous system and brain promoting better cognitive function.

Support a Good Memory

Quality nutrition is a key component to decrease your risk of cognitive decline.


Give your body what it needs

Our bodies work marvels every day and we feel at our best when our body is able to perform at its best.

Boosts Immune System

Provides the body with additional nutritional support when the immune system is compromised.

Promotes Faster Physical Healing

EMPowerplus addresses the nutritional deficiencies that affect physical health, providing the body with the nutritional foundation required for healing.

Excellent Prenatal Vitamin/Mineral Formula

Supports the Mother's increased nutritional needs and provides the growing baby with a solid nutrient foundation.


Improve your daily well-being

No two days are exactly the same and over time we can definately see the important trends.

An Increase in Energy

Provides the nutrients needed by the body to correct deficiencies allowing the body to perform optimally.

Alleviate Stress

Anxiety causes the body to consume more nutrients which further depletes the brain and body. EMPowerplus provides the nutrients needed to support the body through stress.

Improve and Balance Mood

The special balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in EMPowerplus provides your brain what it needs to balance and improve mood.

Don't wait any longer, become your healthiest self TODAY!

What People Say?

When I am on the EMPower, I am a lot better. Never, ever have I had such a stable life.

Jacob G. Truehope Participant
Jacob G.

Truehope Participant

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I was introduced to Truehope and a product called EMPowerplus and it changed my life.

Laurie P. Truehope Participant
Laurie P.

Truehope Participant

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When I started taking Truehope I felt like in 2 weeks, I felt the difference.

Martin P. Truehope Participant
Martin P.

Truehope Participant

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Dedicated Program Support

Our trained Support Staff are here Monday - Friday, 8:00 am to 4:30 pm MST, to answer any questions you might have and to help you achieve your mental wellness goals.