Truehope COVID-19 Updates

Our Commitment to you during Covid-19

Thank you so much for entrusting us with your health. We take this responsibility very seriously, ensuring that we deliver on our promise every day.

Given the current outbreak of COVID-19 and the impact the virus is having, we would like to let you know how the future looks here at Truehope Nutritional Support.

Availability of our Products

We are continuing to produce and sell all of our products during this difficult time. We know that people rely on our product for their continued health and we want to assure you that our products will remain available and our warehouse will remain open and shipping to our valued customers.

Availability of our Support

Our support is the heart of our company and our Support Staff will remain available during this difficult time. We have made arrangements for our Support Center to remain open and staffed so that we can continue to help you, our customers, no matter what. Continue to call in as you need, and we will be here to help you throughout this trying time. Our hours have been slightly updated so that our full staff is available. Our new hours will be from 8:00AM MDT to 4:30PM MDT.

We want to thank you again for putting your trust in us. We are very grateful for the role we play in your lives and health, and we remain as committed as ever to ensuring your success. We wish you and your loved ones' safety, wellness and positivity during these challenging times.