Nascent Iodine is an essential element for healthy thyroid hormone production and an efficient metabolism.

Non-ocean sourced iodine

Give your body what it needs.

Iodine controls virtally all hormone balance in the body via master T3 and T4 hormones.

Nascent Iodine Advanced bottle

Sufficient levels of iodine increase cell absorption of nutrients which includes vitamins and minerals. The benefits of Nascent Iodine Advanced are vast and apply to nearly every man, woman and child in North America today.

Why Take Nascent Iodine Advanced?

According to recent FDA publications over 90% of the US population is iodine deficient leading to major health and wellness problems.

  • Block certain environmental toxins
  • Detoxify certain chemicals known as Halogens including Flouride, Chlorine and Bromine.
  • The development of tissue and glands require adequate amounts of Iodine and lacking in Iodine can cause cysts which are prone to cancer.
  • Formulation does not create backlog or tax the thyroid

Truehope's Nascent Iodine Advanced is created using only the most bioavailable, non ocean sourced, high grade iodine which goes through a patented process to make a bioidentical form of iodine which the body recognizes, absorbs and utilizes instantly like none other.

Pregnant woman WHO

World Health Organization states that Iodine is the number 1 prevention of mental and physical disabilities especially in utero and Iodine is one of the rare health supplements recommended by the FDA for pregnant, lactating women, infants, and young children.