The building blocks of all life on earth.

Amino acids are the raw essental materals your body needs to produce cells, bones, hormones, hair, skin and more! AminoPower Advanced is the perfect blend of 7 vitamins, and 23 free-form amino acids including all essential amino acids.

AminoPower Advanced is one of our most commonly suggested products because of its ability to reduce or eliminate withdrawal symptoms while tapering off medications. When you include a broad-spectrum free form amino acid blend in your diet while transitioning off of medication, it can help buffer withdrawal effects, making it more comfortable to gradually reduce medication.

General Health Uses

Amino acids in their natural state form the basis of life, they are the metabolic building blocks of the body. Amino acids are also precursors or the building blocks for our neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are messengers that communicate neurological information from one cell to another. They play a major role in shaping everyday life and functions. They aid in recovery from sports injuries, other injuries and improve our digestion.

Amino Acids and Wound Healing

Healing of wounds, whether from accidental injury or surgical intervention, involves the activity of an intricate network of blood cells, tissue types, cytokines and growth factors. This increase in cellular activity causes an intensified metabolic demand for nutrients. Nutritional deficiencies can hinder wound healing.

In addition, increased metabolic demands are made by the inflammation and cellular activity in the healing wound, which requires increased protein or amino acids, vitamin, and minerals. We have observed that those taking a broad-spectrum amino acid blend such as AminoPower Advanced, along with the micronutrient formula EMPowerplus Advanced (vitamins and minerals) have experienced wounds healing much more quickly and efficiently.

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AminoPower Advanced FAQs

No. But more is not always better. If you are unsure of how many to be taking, please talk to one of our Support Staff.
It is best to spread out during the day to continually feed the body and brain, taking 3-5 caps at a time.
Aminopower Advanced can cause potentiation and should taken away from medications.
6 – 12 a day if it’s a weak immune system. 6/day to boost the immune system.
Aminos are the building blocks of the body and support every function of our body. Therefore Aminos good for your liver, kidneys and brain function.
Unfortunately, there are limiting factors that prevent our bodies from receiving a full and balanced supply of amino acids, including processed foods, poor diet, stress, medications, alcohol, caffeine, and acid reflux medications that interfere with the digestion of proteins.
While transitioning off of medication amino acids can help buffer withdrawal effects making it more comfortable to gradually reduce medications. Dosage is individual, so please talk to one of our Support Staff to find a dosage specific to your needs.
Aminopower Advanced is best taken on an empty stomach for rapid absorption, however, it can be taken with food when necessary.
Aminos are best taken on an empty stomach for rapid absorption. If necessary can be taken with meals and at the same time as EMPowerplus.
They are best stored in a cool dry place, however, heat will not hurt them.
Yes. AminoPower Advanced contains free form aminos, the purest form of protein because it is not bound together in a protein it means no digestion is needed. They can be quickly absorbed into the bloodstream for immediate use for many metabolic functions.
Aminos are also used for pain, inflammation, withdrawal and side effects of medications, sleep, and physical anxiety. Vegans need aminos as they do not get enough protein in their diet. The dosage depends on the reason and severity.
Yes, Aminos are the building blocks of neurotransmitters (used to be called neurohormones) that are the “messengers” for the Central Nervous System (CNS). Supports hormone systems and mood.