Written Testimonials

Below are just a small fraction of the unsolicited testimonials Truehope has received. Click here to see more testimonials in video, where you can see, hear and feel what a difference Truehope's products have made in the lives of others!

"My own opinion is that this stuff works – in many cases dramatically and much better, for many people, than conventional medications have."
- Dr. Charles Popper, Psychiatrist and Psychopharmacologist, Harvard University (From testimony that Dr. Popper gave as an expert witness in Truehope's 2006 court case against Health Canada).

"My world is once again stable and whole. My future seems bright and I love life again!"
"Today, after 17 months on Truehope’s EMPowerplus Advanced, I feel incredible, fortunate and blessed to have found a natural way to heal my emotional and physical life. I have regained my sense of humor. I feel calm and centered."
- Anne K.
Truehope Participant Since 2007

"I have such a feeling of joy in me that I realize this is what it is like to actually live!"
"I am now living happier than ever and have nothing but excitement for my future. Things just get better every month on the EMPowerplus Advanced program. I would never have been in this place in my life had it not been for Truehope and all the very special people there who have nothing but love in their heart and a relentless desire to see me get well. They never gave up on me. How do you thank someone for such a selfless act? I guess beyond a sincere thank you, the best way is to make my life count and be the best person I can be. Thank you so much Truehope. Thank you for giving me the chance to pull my life out of the darkness.
God bless you!"
- Andy C.
Truehope Participant

"There are so many ways in which EMPowerplus Advanced has helped our son. We now tell anyone and everyone about our success!"
"First and foremost, our son is HAPPY. It has been so long since we've seen him happy. This truly is one of the many great benefits of EMPowerplus Advanced. We have seen so much improvement in our son over the last six months that it is hard to tell of each and every success. But you should know that [our son] was picked as Student of the Month for May for the student that demonstrated the most improvement."
- Al and Lynda P.
Truehope Participant since 2003

"I am so grateful my mother learned about Truehope and took a natural approach to her illness."
"Doctors warned [my mother] never to get pregnant as she would make her illness not only unmanageable but put her baby at risk of severe deformation or even death, due to all the drugs she was taking. No matter how many drugs they tried nothing worked. Then she found Truehope. She has been on EMPowerplus Advanced ever since. It has allowed her to learn and grow as an individual, making positive changes in her life not to mention allowing her to give birth to 2 healthy children. My brother who is now 2 and a half, was born healthy just one year after my mom started EMPowerplus Advanced."
- Baby Anna

"For the first time in my life I feel in control of my mind."
"I am so thankful that the developers took the time and effort to make this available after it showed promise within their family."
- Nichole
Truehope Participant

"EMPowerplus Advanced has given me back my health and life and has allowed me to become a wife and mother!"
"My life was not a life. For many of those years I have little or no memory other than pain, both mental and physical – no memory of time with my three children or time with my husband. I began taking EMPowerplus Advanced vitamin and mineral supplement. With supervision, I weaned off of the drug-cocktail over several months and by continuing with the EMPowerplus Advanced supplement my mental and physical health improved rapidly and beyond belief."
- Sabine
Truehope Participant Since 2001

"Life without EMPowerplus Advanced is unimaginable!"
"The darkness of depression and chronic illness took [me] to a state of utter desperation. Within weeks [of starting EMPowerplus Advanced] I was almost cured! I could concentrate again...I quit cutting myself and I could hold a job again!" Joleen’s moods stabilized and she is now working towards finishing her education. Joleen hasn’t missed a day of work in over a year and now lives on her own."These were things I only prayed and dreamed about doing a year and a half ago!"
- Joleen
Truehope Participant

"The Truehope program was my last hope for wellness, and wow – did it ever deliver!"
"It has been six years since I started taking the micronutrient treatment and I have only been hospitalized once briefly, during an exceptionally stressful period of time. I work hard to keep my life balanced, to take good care of myself, to take my EMPowerplus Advanced every day. There is no miracle cure – staying well requires consistent effort, and self awareness – but the Truehope program is as close as you can get to a miracle!"
- Kristy R.
Truehope Participant

"Within one month I noticed a difference in my thinking and how I felt."
"I have now been taking the vitamins for about a year and nine months, and I feel awesome. The second best thing that could happen to me, besides Truehope, is to know that my story could help someone that is going through what I went through. Please don't waste any more valuable time, like I did, thinking this will not work for you, because trust me it does. And the best part is, I am able to take care of my family and myself. I am enjoying life, my life and the people in it, once again. I am blessed to be here with my loved ones and I am thankful for that everyday."
- Vicki
Truehope Participant Since 2006

"The violent rages are no longer. The defiant behavior is gone. The mood swings are a thing of the past. The depression has been lifted. The anxiety has been forgotten. The bizarre behavior is no more. He's no longer this hyper, manic child that bounces from wall to wall. And the absolute best part: HE SLEEPS! It's a miracle straight from God!"
"Since the day my six-year-old son started the EMPowerplus Advanced vitamins from Truehope, our lives have changed in ways that are unimaginable. He has been 100 percent mainstreamed with a general education first grade class. As of November 2006 he no longer qualifies for Behavioral Services. The Emotionally Disturbed coding has been deleted. And he has made the A Honor Roll all year. He is on grade level or above grade level in every subject. This to me is amazing considering the chaos he was dealing with his first two years of school."
- Nikki
Truehope Participant since 2006

"EMPowerplus Advanced was a true gift from God for me."
"To be able to walk, to sleep all night. To be calm and without anger. To communicate my needs. To be able to hold my wife’s hand. To be able to accept a hug from my grandson and love him in return. We take so much for granted. EMPowerplus Advanced has performed a true miracle for me."
- Chuck S.
Truehope Participant

"My journey toward mental wellness began February 12, 2003 with three EMPowerplus Advanced capsules. The next day I woke with a feeling of calm I have never before known."
"After four months on the program I was able to get and keep a part-time job and after a year started my own business. The micronutrients [in EMPowerplus Advanced] have literally given me a new life."
- Deborah F.
Truehope Participant Since 2003

"I used to wonder what it felt like to be truly happy. Now I know. Thank-you Truehope."
"I began taking the EMPowerplus... and gradually got better and better. It was exciting to me, as I started to really enjoy being a mom for the first time."
- Cara R.
Truehope Participant

"Joe and I were both bipolar once. We consider Stefanie to be our miracle baby."
"To have such a well and healthy child when both parents have a history of mental illness is a rare thing. Vitamins and minerals are small and simple things, but they work. While pregnant, I took EMPowerplus Advanced capsules, Truehope BMD tablets (which also eased morning sickness), and fish oils every day. I am taking full doses while nursing. The micronutrient treatment will then be added to the baby's soft foods. When keeping to the full dose on a regular basis, there are no signs of postpartum depression."
- Bronwyn S.
Truehope Participant

"I would have been another statistic without EMPowerplus Advanced."
"With my Truehope Success Coach and the strength of the vitamins I was able to become totally medication free. I am now med-free and am feeling more and more like my old self. I cannot ever thank Truehope and their wonderful success coaches enough for all that they have done for me."
- Ms. T
Truehope Participant

"When... I found EMPowerplus Advanced I couldn’t believe the amazing transformation in my life."
"The quality of life that EMPowerplus has granted my family cannot be adequately expressed in words. I am grateful for my children, but more so I am grateful that I can care for them and be a healthy, happy, functioning mom."
- Meredith S.
Truehope Participant

"So if you want a change for the better and control of your life again, then get in touch with Truehope and just be ready to write your success story soon thereafter!"
"This is a little story, a true story, about someone who is back on track, and you could be too. After running out of meds and no insurance to cover the cost, I called Truehope. One of the best decisions I have ever made! Ever! I have my life back with, get this, no side effects. Now with a clear mind I’m able to make better decisions and make better choices. I have a more positive attitude towards life and a lot more patience."
- Jose D.
Truehope Participant Since 2006

"I am now nearly symptom free!"
"About 2 and a 1/2 years ago [after starting EMPowerplus Advanced] I felt whole, happy and complete for the first time in 23 years. I feel I am full of energy and vitality and I feel I can take on the world where I once hid from life. I feel that nutritional support has not changed my life, but saved my life. About 10 months ago I started taking Coenzyme Q10 which really finely tuned me, and Omega 3s which I know are essential for mental health. I now sleep eight hours a night and eat regularly and I function through the day."
- Kim N.
Truehope Participant Since 2004

"It is no exaggeration to say that I have rediscovered myself and my life. Thank you Truehope for restoring my life!"
"The symptoms of the illness are gone, there are no side-effects to deal with, and I feel physically healthy and strong."
- Kim R.
Truehope Participant

"Within days, I started to notice a change – mood, attitude, energy."
"Now, with EMPowerplus Advanced [my wife] is focused, clear headed, goal oriented, and on most days vivacious and energetic – for the most part loving, living, and enjoying life again. Shannon is finally enjoying life, having fun, getting out and doing things."
- Damon
Truehope Participant, Spouse and Parent

"True hope! The name is not a false one. Our family has been blessed with a hope that has turned our lives around!"
"We ordered the EMPowerplus Advanced and started talking with the wonderful people that would be not only Allicia's life-line back to sanity, but a wonderful support to her father and I as well. Allicia is taking EMPowerplus Advanced and knows that she can now function without the excruciating effects of the other drugs. We thank God that you exist."
- Jean R.
Truehope Participant Parent

"I have an extensive background in mental health, with graduate degrees from Harvard and U.C. Berkeley. I spent 25 years as a clinical social worker and never saw any results with bipolar clients like the results I have had from EMPowerplus Advanced."
"I've been taking EMPowerplus Advanced for a little over a year. Since then I have had no manic and no depressive episodes, and have discontinued all psychiatric medication including lithium and sleeping medications. And I keep feeling better and better, particularly more and more relaxed."
- Peter S.
Truehope Participant