Now Available

Truehope Nutritional Support Ltd.

is pleased to announce the launch of the next generation of MicroNutrient supplements, EMPowerplus Advanced™.

Truehope's history of constant innovation continues with yet another cutting-edge improvement to the flagship product, EMPowerplus™ and has access to the most advanced Micronization Technology available. The new technology, "Apex Biosynthesis Conversion" is designed to increase the absorption of key ingredients in EMPowerplus™, and thus results in lower daily requirements of the supplement while achieving the same results.

"This latest improvement has enabled us to greatly increase the supplement's bioavailability and as such our clients success rates," reported Truehope CEO and Co-founder Anthony Stephan. "When we first started producing EMPowerplus™, the majority of our clients required no less than 32 capsules per day to achieve the desired results seen in the 26 medical journal publications we now have. Even now, our first generation product would be seen as one of the highest quality supplements available to the public."

Truehope, well known as a pioneer in brain health, has been clinically formulating multi-vitamin and mineral supplements since 1996. Since the first generation of the Truehope program there have been six major improvements to the formulation that have bolstered its effectiveness and set it up as quite possibly the world’s most powerful and effective supplement. Add to this the improvements in the technology used to track and analyze the progress of the Truehope clients and you have a recipe for success.

For more information please contact Truehope @ 1-888-878-3467.